• Capital and Funding for Growth Companies

    AMV works with growth companies to develop funding and financing alternatives. Often these companies are raising ‘A’ and ‘B’ rounds and require assistance compiling an Executive Summary, Business Plan and related supporting documents. Private equity and venture capital funds are frequently part of the process, either as current owners or as prospective investors. AMV has been a participant in the private equity and venture capital investment community for over two decades.

  • Business Development

    Business development includes sales, market expansion and strategic partnerships. This will often incorporate introducing clients to its best prospective customers on the basis of mutual benefit and a balanced relationship. Strategic plan, marketing launches and budgets are frequent elements of this service.

  • Operations

    We offer operational support for companies that are reaching for greater success or are in a turnaround mode. These companies are often private equity or venture capital portfolio investments that need assistance to reach the next level of success.

  • Board of Directors

    Board of Directors contributions are based on Grafman’s board experience comprising 8 boards, public and private, domestic and international, and often representing private equity and venture capital investors. As an independent board director he is able to often assist parties in finding the best way forward in addressing issues that are critical to growth and success.

  • International Expansion

    International expansion is often a priority but a lack of resources and expertise make this a challenge. With several decades in the international media markets AMV frequently takes the lead in introducing clients to opportunities that have been beyond the reach of the current team.

  • Exit Strategy

    Exit strategy preparation and execution are often the culmination of years of work. An independent perspective that fully supports management and ownership can bring a fresh perspective and energy to the process.

Sectors Served and Selected Clients

  • Brand Licensing (Archie, Big Tent)
  • Family Entertainment (Hallmark, Raggs)
  • Comic Characters (Archie Comics, Archaia)
  • Videogames (Majesco, Three Rings)
  • Digital & Web based businesses (Modelwire, Brideclick)
  • Technology & Software (Modelwire, Pixfusion)
  • Video and TV Content (HBO, Hallmark, Tribune)
  • Content Distribution (ABC/Disney, Tribune, Hallmark)
  • TV (Joan Rivers, Geraldo Rivera, HBO)

Selected Board of Directors and Advisory Clients Include:

  • Deloitte, Board director panelist
  • Blue Socks Media, a children’s entertainment company
  • Morgan Stanley Private Equity, a private equity fund
  • EY, for a media client in the Gulf
  • Archaia, a comic and graphic novel content company
  • BrideClick, an online content and advertising aggregator
  • Big Tent, a licensing company
  • Pixfusion, an imaging technology company
  • Stonehenge Growth Capital, a private equity fund
  • Easton Capital, a venture capital fund
  • Accel Partners, a venture and private equity fund
  • Austin Ventures, a venture and private equity fund
  • Delta Private Equity, a private equity fund